Connect and Communicate with Yourself


Meet Chloe

Public Relations and

Communications Specialist

Growing up as a musician, singer, and childhood cancer survivor who turned their cancer fight into public speaking advocacy opportunities, I spent years working with the media and expressing myself in front of live audiences before I even turned 18.  I've learned how important messaging and communication are.  We are all marketers and our most important product is ourselves.  A turning point came in my life when I learned how to combine my passion, life experiences, and career of being a communications professional into a tool to set and achieve my goals.  I want to help you do the same.

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What I Specialize In

Communications & Public Relations

Trusting Gut Feelings & Following Them 

Organization & Prioritization 

Determining Goals & Finding a Creative Path

Effective Communication With Yourself & Others

The Journey Towards Becoming Your Best Self and Achieving The Goals You Thought Were Unimaginable Begins Today.  Get Ready to Take Flight.

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