Meet Chloe

Communications/PR Professional & Founder of

The Find Your Wings Podcast

In 2016, I had a gut feeling telling me to quit my "safe day job" and move out of the state. I trusted my gut and moved to a new city with no job and nobody but my dog.  For every person that doubted me, there was a person who believed in me.  A turning point came in my life when I learned how to combine my passion, life experiences, and career of being a communications professional into a tool to set and achieve my goals.  I want to help you do the same.  I started the Find Your Wings Podcast to do just that.  

Growing up as a musician, singer, and childhood cancer survivor who turned their cancer fight into public speaking advocacy opportunities, I spent years from an early age working with the media and expressing myself in front of live audiences. I've learned how important messaging and communication are.  We are all marketers and our most important product is ourselves.